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ColibriSM - The Best PHP Social Network Script

Create your own powerful social network Img

ColibriSM allows you to create your own social networking website from anywhere in the world with the best quality and incredible functionality

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Bringing your idea to
a real project

ColibriSM allows people from anywhere in the world to create social network projects for various niches, and some of our customers have achieved success from huge numbers of active users to business partnerships with leading companies


Incredibly powerful features for your users to share any type of content, including monetization systems that allow you to earn and generate income


ColibriSM has created over 800 successful social media projects worldwide, covering different areas and delivering great results for our customers everywhere


ColibriSM is the perfect solution for different areas of social networks

Create diverse online communities with the powerful ColibriSM. It can be used to create social networks, forums, business communities, topical communities, news sites, education, sports, art and health.

Its uses are only limited by your imagination 😉

How does it work?

Download ColibriSM
from CodeCanyon

After purchase, you can download СolibriSM from the Codecanyon website. You will receive a Zip archive with all the necessary files and documentation for further installation

Img Img

Simply install ColibriSM
on your hosting

After downloading, you can install ColibriSM on your hosting in two clicks. Installing the script is easy, and if you have any questions, our technical support is always ready to help

Img Img

After installation, you make configuration like editing the name, description, uploading your own logo and favicon, as well as setting up the functions in the admin panel that you need for your project


Get 100+ incredible features

interface design

User friendly, elegant and intuitive interface for an enhanced experience of your users


with ColibriSM

Monetize by various methods like paid subscriptions, showing ads on your website, Google AdSense and others


publishing system

Your users can post photos, videos, polls, gifs, audio files, documents, #hashtags and more


following system

Users can follow other users to see their posts in their feed and also control their list of followers


storage integration

Integration with amazon and wasabi cloud storage services for better performance of your social network


networks login

Allows users to login via facebook, twitter, google, discord, instagram, linked-in and vkontakte


Supports multi
payment methods

Your users can pay with PayPal, Stripe, AliPay, RazorPay, bank transfer, credit cards and more


messaging system

Poweful messaging system that allows you to communicate with friends, share photos, videos and audio


RTL and multi
language support

Supports RTL and includes more than 10 most popular languages, and it is also possible to add any language


user profiles

Users can make private profiles to protect their account information, and set full control over its content


program system

Users can earn rewards by inviting others to join your social network community and grow together


theme support

Users can switch between light and dark theme, as well as change the display colors for their accounts


And much more...

What else will you get?

Lifetime absolute free

Get free updates upon a one-time payment, granting you continuous access to regular updates throughout the lifespan of the product

High performance with
min requirements

ColibriSM is designed to be extremely secure and free of any bugs and it takes the security seriously and provides measures to protect data of your social network

High security with
bug free features

ColibriSM delivers excellent performance without needing expensive servers. It saves you money by running smoothly on minimal server requirements, while providing fast loading speed for your content

Fully responsive for mobiles
and desktops

ColibriSM offers full responsiveness across mobile and desktop devices. This ensures that your users can conveniently access and utilize the platform from any device, as it adjusts all screens


ColibriSM is designed to handle user communities of over
1 million with ease, but that's not the limit

Mobile / PWA

With ColibriSM's powerful PWA technology, you can effortlessly transform your social network into mobile apps for Android and iOS

Your users can conveniently install ColibriSM on their phones with just a couple of clicks, directly from their browser

Click here to learn more about PWA

Have questions or something
is not clear?

If you have questions, feel free to contact us on Telegram and ask your questions in English. We will be happy to provide support
and provide you with the information you need.


Successful projects powered by ColibriSM

Our clients have successfully built real projects using ColibriSM, and we are delighted to showcase a few examples for your reference


International social network for open and caustic discussion of topics, news or other issues


An english analogue of Twitter for finding friends, free communication, blogging and news


Platform for creative people, search for inspiration, communication, introduction of modeling business

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Если вы находитесь в России, напишите нам на Telegram, чтобы узнать, как купить из России или из СНГ

Simple pricing plans policy

All functions of ColibriSM are available in Regular and Extended licenses to create a successful and unique social network

Regular license 🍊
Regular license allows for personal and commercial use by
a single user or client. Learn more
1 Domain/Website
Lifetime license
Lifetime free updates
1 year customer support
Installation service
Resell source code
Extended license 🍇
Extended license allows use for multiple users/clients with resale and redistribution rights. Learn more
Multi Domain/Website
Lifetime license
Lifetime free updates
3 year customer support
Installation service
Resell source code

What customers say?

Mitya_Shepelev 😍 Customer on Envato

The highest quality social networking site on evanto, glad that a fellow countryman makes a great project here for everyone.

Everyone who wants to develop their social networking project advise to buy this script. All the advantages you can talk about for many hours, but to buy and see everything in action is the best idea. Good luck to all of your project! Because people like us create the Internet for others.)))

Cemalatila Customer on Envato

I bought the script last year. In this one year, the script has developed very well, it now has a much more professional look and feel.

And it has all the functions of a regular social network. Overall, this has been a successufll project. Congrats to the team!

Professorofbuzz Customer on Envato

Awesome script, I've been with mansur since the start and I think this has come a long way, I would 100% you try this script, I've been able to do so many things with this, mansur keep up the good work my buddy

Webi1978 Customer on Envato

I can't beleive how good support is for that great script. I was able install my self using email contacting author. I got all answers on plate and all was extremly easy to do. Still dealing with support for some changes.

For me this author is number 1 on codecanyone. All the best. Keep good work. Waiting for android app as well :)

GerryAbz Customer on Envato

An excellent script. Its clean, well designed, and well laid out. The file structure does take a little learning, but once you do, it's worth it if you need to alter anything..

I've made some small mods to it with the developers help, and cannot fault the support. Its excellent

Zizomi Customer on Envato

Actually thank you is not enough. But as the first stage, the script is very impressive and deserves recognition and praise.

In terms of quality, in my simple experience, I find the quality to be very high. In terms of ease of use: very simple. We look forward to new features and additions in future updates. Thank you

Realystic Customer on Envato

Customer support is prompt, author is working hard to make this a great system. And is open to customer feedback and suggestions. Thank you for making this beautiful system

Cleitonlino Customer on Envato

Hi, I hope you are well. Theme is very good, I like the internal system very easy to find bugs. I will give you 5 stars because the work was good and I trust you will make some changes to improve even more. I look forward to the updates

DeJuan Customer on Envato

I was one of the early customers to purchase and I love how Mansur put care, support and creativeness into his ColibrSM platform. I give it a Thumbs Up and a 5 ***** STAR RATING

Pimpi Customer on Envato

I think this is one of the best codecanyon scripts out there its really high quality i love it much thanks

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Full documentation
for installing and configuring

Get complete documentation to help you easily install, update and configure ColibriSM. Our detailed instruction and guide will help you learn the basics and customize your social network to suit your needs

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Having issue with СolibriSM or question?

Professional customer
support 24/7

You can always contact us for technical support at any time,
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